Some Things…

Some things never end.

I’ve been working on a few new projects this week. One of the important ones is a vast cleansing of my mental and personal space. It must be boring to read a blog post about that sort of thing – there’s a million of them out there, and it doesn’t tell you anything useful. But on a day when I can’t find inspiration to write a post on anything that seems more interesting, I might as well write one of these “meta posts” – a true journal/diary entry type of post that just yammers on about the administrative overhead of my mind or life.

I know that doesn’t help you. I won’t try to do it very often.

I wish I could come up with something funny today. I like to write satire, and I know I have a few ideas brewing, things I thought about and laughed out loud about during my train commute as recent as yesterday. But now I can’t remember what they were. The funniest thing I’ve read recently was a satirical piece in Time magazine about how to save the postal service. You should check it out – I think it was Joe Klein, or Joel Klein, something like that. Good stuff.

Probably the reason I can’t find my writing voice today is that I am quite preoccupied. I have on my mind many plans of: a weekend trip away, old friends and family to reconnect with, current friends and family to maintain strong connections with, a few writing and technology projects, my full-time job responsibilities, routine chores and such-not around the house, and self-introspection (which is more intense than regular introspection).

It’s no wonder I can’t write today – I have too much on my mind.

So maybe tomorrow. But in the meantime I appreciate having the chance to throw out this couple of paragraphs to the World, since it helps me to keep the internal juices flowing. I once read about a software manager who asked an interviewee how many lines of code he had written in his life. The number was very large, so the manager immediately hired him – the thinking was that after having written one million lines of code, the young programmer had probably gotten all the bad stuff out of his system, so surely the next million would be worthwhile.

It’s like that with prose and poetry too, I think. Keep it flowing, keep the stuff getting generated and written, until eventually you find more voice again. Heck, it’s like that with anything in life. I always tell my wife to “be like a shark” – keep swimming and gobbling stuff up, even if you are mostly swimming around in circles. Just don’t do it in a way that is “agitating.”

It’s all been like this for a while, for me. And I think probably for others too. Some things most likely don’t ever change in any way that is noticeably different from the others. This is one of those things, I’d say. 😉


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