Acoustic Night in Metuchen is B-B-B-B-ack!

Thursday, September 22, 2011, 7-9pm … at The Raconteur on Main Street in Metuchen, NJ – hosted by my very own wife, Sharon Goldman. Featuring songwriters Honor Finnegan and Paul Sachs.

Ain’t that cool?!?

Well, it’s very cool for me, because it means I can take a leisurely ride home from my work in Manhattan, arrive at my home town of Metuchen, NJ, maybe pick-up an ice-cream cone at What’s the Scoop or a quick Guinness at Hailey’s, and then hunker down for a nice evening of folk music at a totally cool book shop on Main Street.

And then afterwards, I can just walk home! Easy-peasy.

Makes me wonder why I ever thought I had to live in New York City to experience that sort of convenient access to good food, drink, and music. 😉

Here’s the deal, excerpted from the Facebook page for the event:

A new location for ACOUSTIC NIGHT IN METUCHEN! The center of all things cool on Metuchen’s Main Street, THE RACONTEUR is far more than your average used bookshop. Think CBGB’s meets Shakespeare & Co.! This new Acoustic Night will be super-intimate, with a round-robin format and truly, completely acoustic…no amps! Featuring your host, singer-songwriter SHARON GOLDMAN as well as two talented NYC-based singer-songwriters, HONOR FINNEGAN and PAUL SACHS. Join us for some terrific original tunes…right on Main Street.

Hope to see you there… 🙂

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