Why Google’s Acquisition of Motorola Mobility is Brilliant

Okay – I am going to put on my pundit hat here.

A lot of people are talking about Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility in terms of the “treasure trove” of patents. Personally, I think the whole patent and cross-licensing area of tech business is silly, and only helps to prevent new innovative players from entering markets. But they have to play that game since they are a big player with big enemies.

But has anyone noticed the brilliant moves Google has made in the past few years with the Chrome browser and the Android mobile operating system? They are co-opting Apple’s long-term strategy, except going at it from the other direction. Apple has always maintained a competitive advantage by maintaining full control over both the hardware and the software. It’s similar to the monopoly a media company can maintain by owning both the TV programming and the network wires that reach into each house. Content and distribution – it’s powerful.

For Google, they have been creating better and better content in the form of ultra-cool productivity tools for years now. And I think that what they do every time they hit a hurdle at the “final mile” – you know, the part of the system that is very close to the user – every time they hit a technology limitation that prevents them from giving a snazzy search result or integrating personal search across mobile applications, then they just go out and REBUILD that final mile.

Chrome is a great browser. But let’s be honest, it’s like a freakin’ playground for Google developers. Anything the search or Google Docs or Gmail team says they need on the client side, well I’m guessing that the Chrome team goes out and makes it happen. Same for the Android OS.

And even more so if Google can start manufacturing their own mobile devices via Motorola’s extensive hardware experience. Those phones will be custom-tailored to work extremely well with Google’s server-side software.

Looking forward to the future… ๐Ÿ™‚


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