What is the Goal of Geek-in-Law?

I asked my mom today what she thought about my new blog. She admitted she had not looked at it recently. Fair enough – after all, one of the goals of the blog is to help non-technical users to spend more of their time doing the stuff they love and less time being 1980’s-style computer hobbyists.

My mom is “semi-technical” and also an excellent writer with an insightful and analytic mind. Her feedback would be helpful. She started by saying I need a better tagline. “They call you when the Internet is down” is unhelpfully vague.

I tried to explain more. I don’t yet have an elevator speech.

People are informally and casually helping each other with their technical problems, in a happenstance sort of way. The geeks in these equations often don’t do a great job of communicating their useful experience and knowledge. The users in these equations often think they need more help than they do, and become overly dependent. Finally, this happens in all sorts of technical fields – it’s not just a computer thing. Geeks-in-Law are all around us, helping all sorts of people to do all sorts of things every day – I just happen to be one who specializes in consumer and business technology.

The goal of this blog is to make that all work better. 🙂

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