Open to New Technology Ideas and Solutions – Apple Included

This is going to be a somewhat personal post.

You may know me as “that guy who thinks the World would be a better place if Mac did not exist.”

Indeed, recently I posted a tweet:

I am grudgingly adding Apple hardware to my technology hoard. But that’s only because they finally have hardware worth buying. 😉

The truth is, I am a “Windows guy.” This blog is mostly about Windows-based technology and solutions. That’s just the way I grew up. While I have worked a good amount in Linux, I never had the opportunity to work much on a Mac or other Apple system. Eventually the lack of opportunity turned into a practical acceptance of “you just can’t learn how to use everything well.”

I decided that Windows users, jobs, projects, and challenges were enough to fill the rest of my lifetime. Why bother with starting the learning curve over again by trying to double-specialize in Mac?

But that is changing for me. One piece of Apple hardware I now find so compelling that I readily recommend it – the iPad. It’s a great tablet, and I have been waiting a long time for special-use devices like tablets to become readily available.

It’s not the right choice for everyone. For example my own recently acquired tablet is an Android-powered Galaxy Tab 10.1. It just meshes better with my own personal application needs. But my wife and mom both got an iPad, because it was a better match for them.

And my conservative technology self tends to move very slowly when it comes to adding new breeds of the stuff. Always better to work with tech that you know well, until new and unfamiliar gives you a compelling reason to switch! Apple just gave this Windows guy a reason.

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