About my Day of Office Work and Television

I had a night of television. Mostly Dancing with the Stars, which is my favorite reality / wacky-competition show, just after So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve always been fond of the dance shows – even going as far back as Dance Fever, which I grew up with. Plus, I like that DWTS is not as “mean” or “falsely dramatic” as most of the other competitive TV serials – like American Idol, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the 5 minutes of Survivor that I have ever seen.

I lie (or exaggerate) sometimes. Or leave out details, sometimes unintentionally. In a future post, I will probably tell you that a different show is my favorite competition show, because I just realized that I had forgotten about it, but I just remembered again. I don’t do this (lying, forgetfulness of details, whatever you want to call it) purposely – it’s just the way I tell stories sometimes, probably because I often become focused on a small part of the story at a time.

Today was a pretty good day at the office. I got two things done – significant things, I mean, of course. Each day I go in, my goal is to get one thing done, so if I get more than that done then I count that as a very fulfilling day.

You might think that sounds unproductive, or like I am an under-achiever. But in fact, I tend to get a lot of useful things done. But when I try to get more than one (or possibly) two significant things done in a day, I just don’t do it. Other “stuff” comes up which is equally important, and I often end up doing many minor tasks, many of which are fairly important but which consume a lot of time.

I work hard at the office. And I have a long commute each day. I like to sit down and watch TV at night. But I sure wish I had gotten to the gym today. Nowadays, that’s kind of the most important thing to keep me resilient during all my sitting time on the train and at the cubicle farm!

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be as productive as today – both personally and professionally…

Image credit: stevepetmonkey from the Open Clip Art Library

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