On Keeping Oneself Safe in Public Spaces

I wish the New York City police would notify me of the details of any elevated threats by email alert in real time.

It’s never a good feeling when you turn the corner into a train station and find a group of police officers who obviously know more about the safety of the area than I do. It seems unethical to not share the information and let me make an informed decision about whether I believe the risk is significant, and decide whether I should take a different route.

2 Replies to “On Keeping Oneself Safe in Public Spaces”

  1. Given that people with uniforms guns have recently become empowered to be judge, jury, and executioner I would be less worried about what’s outside the station and more concerned about what’s inside it. After all, you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a Brazilian electrician, now would you, hmm?

    1. As a guy who always wears a backpack, and who occasionally decides to run at a sprint just to relieve the stress of City life, I guess I feel like the big guns – even if well-intentioned – are a potential danger I don’t want and I don’t believe anyone needs.

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