A New Tool to Checkout for WordPress Related Content

Link: http://infinite-probabilities.com/2011/02/3-easy-wordpress-tips-to-reduce-bounce-rate/

I already use and like the nrelate related posts plugin, so I feel like I trust this blogger’s recommendation enough to try another suggestion.

The “Recent Posts in Category” sounds like a groovy idea, and I don’t think I’ve yet seen another plugin which does it.

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  1. Thanks Shannon!

    There are all sorts of ways to write headlines that make people more compelled to read the content. Using numbers, for example. The two main ideas that I like to think when writing posts like this are:

    1. Keep them reading your stuff until they trust you, then
    2. Have a good call to action to turn that trust into “business” (whatever that means to the blog owner).

    I’m glad you liked my post, I see you’ve got a very rich page that gives readers a good sense of what’s happening in your world.

    Good luck,


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