Top 17 Reasons to Give Blood in Metuchen, New Jersey

Every 57 days or so, I trudge home from my tired Manhattan commute and stop into my local ice-cream shop – What’s the Scoop – not for ice-cream, at least not as my primary goal, but to do my now-regular blood donation.

Note: Every three days or so I trudge into that shop to just get myself a nice ice-cream cone, which I finish during my walk home – my wife, none the wiser about my “pre-ssert”, wondering why I don’t want a second helping of her wonderful home-cooking.

When I was younger, I used to give blood occasionally, just not very often. Somehow I just never got around to doing it much. Now, it is so darned convenient (and there are other benefits :-)) that I recently got upgraded to the New Jersey Blood Center “Gallon Club”, which means I can now give blood by the gallon instead of by the mere pint. 😉

But maybe you need some motivation, so here are my top 17 reasons to give blood. Note: Please consult a medical professional if you think that maybe you shouldn’t be giving blood or you have any concerns about anything.

Also note: Some of the reasons below only apply to What’s the Scoop in Metuchen, New Jersey, so come on down!

  1. It’s fun and groovy. Seriously. It is.
  2. Easier than giving bone marrow.
  3. Where else can you sit around for an hour while people dote on you?
  4. People will dote on you.
  5. If you are good, you will get free beer and ice cream and pizza.
  6. Just kidding every one gets that.
  7. You’ve done good for the world.
  8. People will think you are a super man.
  9. Or woman.
  10. It’s the one thing you can do better than your cat.
  11. It’s like a mini physical.
  12. It’s an excuse to bulk up on iron via red meat, Guinness and spinach.
  13. If you don’t do it, people will cry.
  14. Also if you don’t do it, who will?
  15. Because blood doesn’t grow on trees.
  16. Yet.
  17. And most of all, I give blood because it makes me feel good about myself!

And of course, it helps save lives, blah blah blah… 😉

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