Fact, Opinion, or Dude – It’s Just What I Think

There are a lot of facts in the world. So many, that I’d claim that it is impossible to get to know enough of them to say anything significant about anything, with a level of factual certainty.

There’s also a lot of opinion in the world, and in each of our heads. That’s good, when you can find it with people you trust, for whatever reasons you may decide to give those people your trust. And it’s good, when you can find opinions that give you comfort, in whatever way you need comfort. But every day I see one person’s fact is equivalent to another person’s opinion. There are exceptions, of course.

This is all my opinion. Some of you may trust me about it.

But, to me, the far more interesting part of life is the part that is based on the concept of: “Dude – it’s just what I think.”

These are the opinions that we trust, just because. Often because they come from the voice of a person or organization we trust. You can’t convince me that they are any more “right” than the other plethora of opinions from the cloud of public discourse out there, but they comfort us, because they are close to our hearts – they come from the ones we affectionately call “Dude”. And we believe what they think.

For example, some of the current Dude-folk in my life:

  • My own wife, as well as other close family and friends. These are my “general advisors”.
  • For financial advice, Kiplinger magazine and Money magazine.
  • For health advice, Yoga and some personal development magazines, books and blogs (e.g., RealAge).
  • For work advice, my most trusted co-workers, as well as various books on management and some blogs on technology management.
  • For shopping advice, Consumer Reports and Amazon.
  • For entertainment options, Netflix (as well as just paying attention to stuff that pops into my life at random moments).

It all has to do with the “culture” in which I immerse myself.

Of these dudes, some of them may only last a few months or a year. The more enduring dudes have been with me for many years, and are expected to remain for a good long time into the future.

So, that’s what I think about that. And I got to thinking that in large part because of what the dudes in my life have been yammering about all along. Facts, I’d say, are highly over-rated. What I want is trustworthy analysis and advice, from my dudes!

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