My Evolving Relationship With Coffee

I used to drink a lot of coffee. Anywhere I went, I was like “Where’s the coffee? Where’s the coffee?” I wouldn’t discriminate (much). After all, I had sugar insurance – I could make any cup taste … decent. I was up to three or four cups per day, probably spending $5 or so on coffee each day. And not really enjoying it very much – it would often be more about the habit of wanting something warm to drink, rather than wanting to enjoy a special brew.

Of course, some cups were special to me, since they came with, perhaps, a Teddy Bear lid, or a particularly friendly face to serve them. But most were either bitter, stale, or milky-sweet-lukewarm.

All that changed a few weeks ago, when I decided to treat myself to a handy-dandy Keurig single-serve coffee maker. It changed my relationship to coffee, in kind of a radical way.

You see, the coffee I drink now (it’s a Newman’s Own Extra Bold brew) is delicious, every time. In my opinion, it is truly outstanding. It is so good that I … NO LONGER USE SUGAR. 🙂

Even better, I seem to have mostly broken my coffee habit. I’ll be out and about somewhere during my daily work day, and will feel an urge for some coffee, but all the options are now distasteful to me. I just know that none of the vendors I can find in my day are going to taste as good as what I had that morning before leaving home, from my Keurig. So I no longer drink coffee out. I no longer drink coffee bad. Gotta tell you, this machine is going to pay for itself in just about a month in the savings I’m seeing by not bouncing from coffee vendor to coffee vendor during the day.

So that’s where we stand. Excellent coffee. Whenever I want it. As long as I am home, which is not a bad place to be. 😉

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