Seven Gadget Gift Ideas for Securing Your iPhone

Note: The following is meant to be funny. (None of this stuff exists, as far as I know..)

If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ve got a coveted electronic device. And while you could use something like MobileMe to protect your data, you are probably more interested in keeping a hold of the device itself, or at least making it useless to anyone who might decide to thieve it.

Here are a few ideas for physically securing your phone. Enjoy! đŸ˜‰

  • iCuff – A plastic handcuff that attaches you to your phone to prevent theft or loss. Comes in designer colors. Easily removed with a scissor for sleeping.
  • iGrenade – This is an addon to the iCuff. This accessory adds a pin mechanism to the device. The snatcher won’t get far before POOF – there will be iTunes everywhere!
  • iDecoy – This gadget is a “decoy” iPhone which you carry around and flaunt for all to see, using it to make calls, send email, and browse the web while your REAL iPhone stays securely in your pocket. Or better, securely in your home. (True security aficionados will of course store their real iPhone in their DECOY iHome.)
  • iLion – This gadget will eat anyone who steals your phone. Not for the faint-of-heart.
  • iDontCare – This gadget will cause you not to care about the loss of your phone. Often purchased together with the iWantedAnUpgradeAnyway.
  • iMaple – This accessory skin will slowly exude maple syrup all over your phone, making it sticky enough so that it’s hard to get out of your hand. (And who’d want to grab that icky thing anyway?)
  • iFart – This gadget won’t get your phone back for you, but will make it smell bad enough so that the darned thief can’t enjoy it either. Careful – this one is a real power drain.

What about you? Have a great suggestion for how to keep your phone from going off wandering to satisfy someone else’s mobile needs?

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