On the Revival of Netflix

NYTimes: Time Warner Views Netflix as a Fading Star http://nyti.ms/hbp36M

I remember a few years back when I enjoyed many hours of my cable provider’s on-demand programming, and paid far more for it than I do today for Netflix’s streaming service. At the time, I worried that Netflix had lost the war with the media giants. But later, Netflix offered a streaming package of programming that – to me – was far better than the cable provider’s, not because it was cheaper, but because it had far more of the programing I wanted to see.

If cable had gotten that to me even as late as a year ago, I probably never would have upgraded my family to the nifty combined TiVo / Netflix service we enjoy today. But instead cable handed me a box which seemed intent on preventing me from viewing even the programming I was paying for!

Seems to me like Netflix just did a good job at their business…

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