I Think I’ve Been Reformed

When I first heard about Pilates many years ago, I thought of it as “that odd form of exercise that celebrities do”. Sorry.

Not much for gym-going (I always preferred my own style of urban-commuter mountain biking), and being the type to only slowly allow new ideas, processes and – dare I say – “fads” into my well-controlled life, I spent the ten years since I heard about Suzanne Somers “doing Pilates” (or was it Angelina Jolie or somebody else??) – well, I spent it living under my own form of rock, nurturing my own form of pop culture, in which there is someone named “Puff Daddy” who must be a famous limo driver, since every time my friend sees a white stretch limo drive by she giggles and exclaims: “Puff Daddy!”

My apologies to Suzanne, Angelina, and Puff. No offense intended, I just have trouble keeping the details straight sometimes, when it comes to mainstream living, pop culture, celebrities, and other things-that-are-probably-here-to-stay. I honestly have no idea which celebrity it was who I heard about doing Pilates.

When I met my now-wife, it was a little jolting for me to hear about all the “new-fangled” things she was into – Pilates among them. But I tried to take it in stride, and stood patiently on the sidelines, wondering when she would come around to my way of thinking, which mostly centered around Yoga, biking, perhaps some aerobics. All of which would, of course, be performed while wearing the “wrong” clothes, and using the “wrong” gear.

She never came around. Today, she is on her own path to become a Pilates instructor, and I am her number one guinea pig.

Shameless plug: My wife studies at a cool studio in Madison, NJ – Mind Over Movement.

So now I do Pilates mat classes in the privacy of my own home after stumbling in the door from a long day of office work and urban commuting. And just a few months after having first hear about a cockamamie device called the Reformer, today I evaluated our basement ceiling height to see whether it is sufficient for us to purchase our own Reformer and locate it in our own house, which nowadays is more and more resembling a cross between a folk music supply store and a fitness center.

Shameless plug: My wife also makes great music – you can buy it on CD Baby, if you are so inclined..

You see, I’ve been reformed. While a few months ago I described Pilates as “odd”, “difficult”, and “detail-oriented”, today I would describe it more as:

I feel coresome! And I attribute that to Pilates!

To see some of the other fun things I’ve thought about Pilates lately, see my earlier post: Ten Things I Thought I Saw on a Pilates T-Shirt 🙂

And just to show you how much crow I got to eat once I was placed under the expert Pilates microscope – here are a few things I found out about myself that I, uh, didn’t really know for the first 40 years of my life:

  • I am bow-legged. Oh well.
  • Unless you tell me to breathe, I am pretty much happy to go around holding my breath in a tense mass of under-utilized lung, and gasp for air only when it seems absolutely necessary. For example, I am doing that while writing this post. 😦
  • A Pilates reformer will fit quite nicely into my basement! 🙂

So, you know it took me some time, but I do believe I’ve been reformed, as pertains to Pilates and other “new-fangled” fitness crazes, even though at least one of my friends suggested I take-up taekwondo instead.

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