On the Allowance of New Novel into My Life

I used to read a lot more novels, back when my life seemed to always have large blocks of discretionary time. Nowadays, it’s mostly non-fiction for me. At the advice of a friend, I decided to try a Terry Pratchett novel, from the “Discworld” series. I’m a little suspicious, since I’ve always shied away from cleverly funny science fiction or fantasy. Not sure why – the tone just tends to not appeal to me. A few pages in, I can see the appeal. If I can get myself converted, I could see many hours of enjoyable escapism ahead! We’ll have to see how it goes..

One Reply to “On the Allowance of New Novel into My Life”

  1. I love Discworld! I’m reading one of them now. It’s an absurd world that makes sense on its own terms. Pratchett is my favorite living author.

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