Eight Questions about Consumer Technology

This post has a survey about consumer technology at the end. I’d appreciate your participation!

I’ve been thinking a lot about software lately.

No – not just the type I use in my daily personal and professional life. And no – not just the type I develop in my role as a software developer at the office. I’ve been thinking about the type of software that other people use, and the type that they would use if it were available to them.

Great idea, right? I’m developing a product idea. Who isn’t, right? Well the difference is, this times it’s me, and I like me, so I’m going to be supportive of the process and work hard on the idea. 🙂

And here’s your chance to help me filter some of my creative juices. The following eight seemingly-partly-unrelated questions were selected to collect “background data” on consumerism as regards technology. Trust me – your answers will teach me a thing or two.

So, if you are so inclined, I’d appreciate you taking a few moments to jot down the first things that come to mind in response to the questions below.

Note: The survey below is an embedded Google Form. Type your answers right here and hit submit, and they’ll be sent to a Google Spreadsheet for my viewing, and my viewing only. If you prefer, you can access a standalone version of the form here.

Thanks for your feedback – much appreciated!

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