Giving Thanks to Inspirations and Familiar Faces

When I set out to write this blog, I stretched around a lot, trying to find a comfortable voice for myself, but one which would also be somewhat appealing to an audience. That was a hard thing for me, since my mind often (usually!) goes in at least 21 different directions at once.

(That’s probably part of the reason I’ve gotten so grumpy about urban living — the last thing I can appreciate in my overly creative Mind-Galaxy is more ways to input sensory data and swallow left-field ideas. No offense — I just don’t need much help to get my creative juices running.)

As I went along, I found that there were certain Internet-folk with whom I was spending a good deal more time than others. They became my inspiration and familiar faces, and I thought it would be nice to call some of them out to give a special thank-you for what they have provided.

So here’s my list, with a little commentary on why I like each one:

Each of these online publishers has contributed in some way to the types of writing I do here. I know some of the connections may seem tenuous right now (and certainly a few of these are going to be too tech-tech to have very wide appeal), but I will try to explore the connections more deeply as we go.

What about you? Do you have a favorite writer or artist who works somehow within the realm of “technology Zen hippie geek”?

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