Ten Things I Thought I Saw on a Pilates T-Shirt

It’s been a long hard slog for me to learn about Pilates, and I swear sometimes I’m more confused about it than not. But here are some t-shirts that may clarify some of the concepts and goals. 🙂

  • My core can beat-up your core
  • My other car is a Cadillac
  • Pilates teachers do it on the mat
  • Pilates teachers do it with equipment
  • Pilates teachers do it for YOUR benefit
  • If God meant for us to do Pilates, he would have told a guy named Joseph to invent it
  • I feel core-some
  • It’s not just “that weird thing celebrities do to stay in shape” anymore
  • It’s like doing good for the world, except the world is yourself
  • I did the Hundred, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

3 Replies to “Ten Things I Thought I Saw on a Pilates T-Shirt”

  1. How about “If got meant for us to do Pilates it wouldn’t be named after the guy who killed Jesus?”

    Yeah I’m a Jewish atheist but it was the first thing I thought of when I first saw Pilates written out.

    1. and of course I meant gott not got. Yeah that’s it. I always say god in German.

      The page never lets me sign in with Facebook.

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