Be My Guest!

After some long and thoughtful thought, I have decided to implement a guest-post policy on this blog.

Since I am a control freak who thinks only I can write content worthy of the Working Sandbox, why on Earth would I do such a thing? Well, a few reasons (and notes of explanation):

  • Firstly, I am certainly not the most worthy person to write for this blog. Although I’m pretty high up there. 😉
  • Secondly, I am not a control freak. Most certainly not. Nothing of the sort. So don’t say I am. ‘kay? 🙂

And my reasons for considering guest posting to be a good idea..

  • A blog is a community, built around a central idea (or two). Sure, comments can contribute to that, but full-on guest posts can contribute even more!
  • I’m tired. I need help. 😉

So here’s the deal: If you are interested in writing a guest post, just drop me a line via the contact form. I don’t have a lot of opinions at this point about whether you should send me a fully written post, or just an idea for a post with a query for some guidance on implementing it. But if you do contact me, please be sure your post idea is related to one or more of the following ideas:

  • Technology, Zen, Hippie, Geek
  • Life Doodles

Oh, and (tasteful) images and/or sketches are welcome.

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