Getting Rid of Daunt

A few years ago, I was leading a team that began work on a large, vaguely defined, and daunting project. When we got the recommendations for project scope, team members lamented at how “daunting” it was.

I told them, “Yes – it is. Now how can we get rid of the daunt?”

These sorts of projects (or “problems”, you might call them, when they appear in your personal life) are very common. Large, vaguely defined, and daunting. I am often overwhelmed by these sorts of problems, occasionally spending a week of my work or personal life feeling as if I am treading water, not moving forward on anything – and more significantly, not feeling “achieving” about anything. Those are the weeks that sap me.

I’ve been jotting down notes to myself that don’t make sense.

Some might say that this is the reason they invented Happy Hour. Others might claim it is the purpose of Pilates or Yoga to mitigate these weeks. Still others might say, “That’s life”, seemingly oblivious to the possibility of life without daunt, languish, and feelings of non-purpose.

I had one of these sorts of periods recently – in fact, I am just pulling out of it these last few days. I can tell it is that sort of dauntful, languishing, purposeless week since I have felt:

  • Sort of “blah” physically, and have fallen out of my gym schedule.
  • Forgetful, jotting down notes to myself that don’t make sense.
  • Spending too much time watching TV and re-browsing my Google Reader feeds.
  • I stopped blogging, even though I was pouring out great ideas into my personal notebook multiple times each day.
  • Most significantly, lately I’ve been spending more energy on consuming than on producing, placing more value in the creativity of others than I am placing in my own.

These are some of my “signals” – the things that let me know my head needs a “reset” – I need to recalibrate. Sounds clinical? Perhaps, but that’s just the way it sounds when I write it down. To me, inside, it is heart-felt revelation, and I know that the coming week is going to feel more fun because I’ve started getting a hold of my temporary glitches. The signals for you might be different.

Now that I’ve noticed the problem (in the deeply noticing sort of way that leads to sticky solutions, rather than slapped-on temp-fixes), I can solve many of its aspects. The easiest, of course, should be the lack of writing part, since I’ve got the outlet for that in this blog. And blogs are “meant” to be scrap-work proving grounds for unhatched ideas, yeah? So you may find some rough posts from me as I work through some of this.. Hope you find something in them that you can enjoy as I get back to my better blog voice!

Now, how’s that for a self-indulgent, valueless post? Though perhaps my slightly upbeat self-indulgent daunt-analysis will help you to notice some of the daunt you can kick out of your own life this week?

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