Twitter – September 18, 2010

  • A minor coup at the office. Thankful for small but useful steps. #
  • A shout-out for @wisestamp for Firefox, adding all the signature features Gmail should have shipped with – #
  • Three cheers to Chrome for finally getting "http" out of the address bar. Now if only we could oust "www", ".html", ".jsp", and ".asp".. #
  • Just helped someone from San Diego, CA with a question about *internet* …on Aardvark! #
  • 21st Annual Fall Townwide Garage Sale | Metuchen Living via @erniea #
  • Live Music Tonight at Novita Bistro & Lounge | Metuchen Living via @erniea #
  • This place must have a lot of feet, because it keeps getting shot in the foot and it keeps on walking! #
  • The lady at the cupcake bakery asked me if I'd like to start a coffee club card. Huh. #
  • @mlevison Yeah – I'm having similar sorts of confusion after enabling the old Google services on my Premier GAFD account. Oh well. in reply to mlevison #
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