Acoustic Music at Metuchen’s Brewed Awakening on Thursday

It’s a small-time roadie’s favorite gig – the home town show. Thursday, September 16, 2010, at Metuchen’s own Brewed Awakening, starting at 7:30pm, running till about 10pm. No cover, tip jar appreciated:

Here’s the deal, for me – the roadie: I load up the P.A. system into the car before leaving for work. Then, I work-work-work at the cubicle farm. Then, I take a leisurely walk from the train that evening over to.. MY FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP, and I.. have seat, order a cafe au lait, get a nice grilled chicken panini, catch up with some friends and acquaintances (representatives of Metuchen Living, for example, tend to attend, and cover the night on their website). If I get bored (just kidding – there is nothing of bore in these spectacular evenings of songwriting song) – well, I’m just sayin’, if I did get a little bored, I could just trounce on over to.. MY FAVORITE ICE-CREAM SHOP, and get myself a sugar cone with some butter pecan or mint chip.

Oh – somewhere in there I have to lug the P.A. system from the car into.. MY FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP, and do a little Irish jig while I plug in some cables and move a few tables. I am the roadie, after all. 🙂

And sure, my only payment is to.. BASK IN THE MANY VARIETIES OF MUSIC OF THE FOLK GODS AND GODDESSES. So it’s not a half-bad gig, I’d say. And I’m not just lauding the talents of these folks because I’m married into the folk family. Well, maybe I am – but still, these small-town folk shows tend to be pretty freakin’ awesome, and I will do what I can, roadie night after roadie night, and shamelessly promoting blog post after shamelessly promoting blog post, to laud these folks. After all, the World needs more music! (And the coffee is pretty darned good, as well.)

Hope to see you there. I’ll be the guy who lugs but doesn’t strum, beat, sing, shake or toot. Oh, and if you see me lugging too hard, feel free to lend a hand. 😉

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