A Tribute to Tabatha

She was the bounciest bounce-bounce doggy who ever lived East or West of the Hudson, and the patient mentor to young poodles everywhere, teaching them the ways of Good Home Livin’. If you ever needed a cuddle, she was there for you..

We all miss you!

2 Replies to “A Tribute to Tabatha”

  1. Maltese doggies are the greatest companions and of course, the cutest puppies. We miss Tabatha so much, even her brother, poodle Rocco, misses her. His heart is broken and I think will always have a tiny crack in it from her absence. He was a great brother to her especially when she became increasingly more ill; he kept her company and tried to push her to live just a little bit longer. Thank you for the tribute to Tabatha.

    1. Very sweet. Her neighborhood pals will miss her! She kept them all in line…even the big ones!

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