My Most Exciting New WordPress Plugin – KeywordLink

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Credit: An Phan Van

First, if you are browsing around my site over the next few days, please excuse the mess – I am in the process of “getting religion” re: fully utilizing WordPress as a content management system, and fleshing out a “for real” website. Should look better soon.

Today’s thoughts..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a WordPress plugin which takes care of some of the tedious administrative details of blogging, and helps promote both strong internal linking and useful external linking?

I’ll say – that would be great! 🙂 (How’s that for a great sales pitch lead-in? ;-))

I only use a few WordPress plugins on this site. (Don’t worry, they are all free – although donations are often suggested.) Within the next week or so I should have credits listed on my “About” page – giving credit for the cool plugins I have found most useful. Most of my workhorse plugins are sort of basic, just boring administrative helpers – the kind of stuff that might one day be rolled into the WordPress core. But there are a few that are kind of exciting to play with and get to know. I came across one of those yesterday while reading the comments on a post from ProBlogger – Free WordPress Plugins – What are Your Favourites?.

The post came from the author of The Gospel According to Rhys. The plugin which Rhys recommended is BlogMechanics KeywordLink.

By the way, the Rhys website is a good one to get some ideas from, if you are looking to push the limits of your own WordPress blog. Lots of interesting layout ideas in there..

I might not have tuned into the mention of the KeywordLink plugin, except that a comment about a similar feature (in Windows Live Writer) was posted on one of my own earlier posts. I thought it was a very nifty feature at the time, but never got off the ground with using Live Writer – somehow it just doesn’t really fit into my own use case for blogging.

My First Experience With the KeywordLink Plugin

I have set the KeywordLink plugin to automatically link the text “me” to my blog’s home page. If it works correctly, then the “me” in quotes should have had a link, but the letters “m”, “e” in “home” should not. And also, since it is set to only link the first instance in the post, the second and third times I mention “me” (or simply me) should not be linked at all. I guess the downside to automatically linking such a generic word is that it might show up in a quote or something when it should not really link to my own home page. We’ll deal with that if it occurs….

Okay – enough. Sorry for being a WordPress plugin wonk.

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