Short Thoughts of the Day – 2010-08-26

  • Kudos to @HightowerNews for freely distributing after I complained it was posted subscriber-only! #
  • Got my YARPP working again – turned out to be a bad beta 1: #
  • I have a cool idea for the "Working Sandbox" front page, and I'm learning how to write a WordPress plug-in so I can implement it! 🙂 #
  • From my favorite curmudgeon: "Now Fewer Americans Than Ever Believe in Facts" #
  • I think I just stepped in a meeting puddle. 😦 #
  • One of the problems with city-living is that you always need to carry a bag which forces you to hurry-walk, where jogging would be better. #
  • Park Avenue in the East 50's finally has crosswalks – with electronics and everything! #
  • Just finished reading "The WordPress Bible" – this stuff is finally starting to make sense! #
  • I am officially off-the-grid – I know this since LinkedIn and Facebook can no longer figure out who the *BLEEP* is someone I might know. #
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