Short Thoughts of the Day – 2010-08-25

  • Today, NJ Transit blames delays on Amtrak, who blames it on power station in Philly. Can we give Pennsylvania a break already? #
  • Just about figured out how to use a PHP post query to display the excerpt of my latest post on my WordPress static home page. #
  • I wish the Evernote user interface had a "dirty" indicator, so that I could easily tell whether I need to sync edits. Do you wish this? #
  • Trying to figure where I should stand on the debate about whether Google/Verizon are influencing net neutrality. People are asking me. #
  • Who loses if some content gets to me even quicker than the quick I have now? #
  • RT @eWEEKNews The Truth About Google, Verizon and Net Neutrality – Government IT from eWeek #
  • Personally, *I* think that Siteground is a great hosting provider. Just sayin'.. #
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