Silver-Plattery – It’s a kind of authoritative flattery where things are handed to you on a silver platter. Okay – that’s contrived, I know.

But it’s a catchy term, nonetheless. And as you read, you’ll understand why my privilege of being able to invent new terms like this is my greatest advantage as the Benevolent Dictator for Life of this blog.

I’ve been catching up on old episodes of Fox’s 24 recently. Well, actually, I’ve been re-hashing them. I watch them over and over. Something about the terrible mayhem is comforting to me. I find Jack Bauer to be.. ahh.. soothing.

Tony Almeida, on the other hand, with his eternally cocked head – he’s a bit irritating. But he gave me a great lesson in management last night (paraphrased):

Sometimes we’re going to disagree, and when we do, we’ll do it my way.

He said this to Curtis. Like you really care. Well you should – there’s actually a lot of great lessons about management in Fox’s 24.

Disclaimer: I am not a manager – I just have a lot of opinions about management.

So we’ve got this grab going on, where Tony is grabbing his bit of silver-plattery from Curtis. Sometimes leaders have got to do that:

Get me the President on the phone!

If Jack yells this just one more time, I think I’m gonna…. start using the command myself! It’s a pretty groovy line, I’d say. 🙂

Silver-plattery. With it, the guy-in-charge (I’m a guy, so I’m saying “guy”, but you could just as easily say “gal”, if you are a guy who likes to say “gal”, or a gal who likes to say “gal”) – well, the guy-in-charge gets to:

  • Define the interfaces, inputs, and outputs
  • Be demanding about everything
  • Establish the vision

It’s a lot of responsibility, being the silver-platter-ologist, you know! Lots of stuff to deal with.

But the cool thing is, when you get to dictate the terms of the silver-platter-onomy, then you get to get whatever you want done. It’s your game. You are to blame and to praise for everything. But more importantly, if you have some really dynamite ideas inside, you will be able to, without fail, without the least bit of hesitation, bring them to fruition.

You will bestow your vision upon the World.

Got any silver-plattery in your life right now?

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  1. Very cleverly designed word/phrase: “silver plattery.” Is this an example:

    “I would appreciate it if you could come up with more novel words/phrases like ‘silver plattery’ perhaps even 100 or more would do. I could eventually see your ‘word/phrase’ creations becoming commonly used by the masses and modified as needed (example: “Hey, what do you think you’re trying to do, ‘silver platter’ me?!”). Keep up the good work!”

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