Being the “Guy-in-Charge”

There’s a lot of benefit to being the guy-in-charge.

For example, it means that (no matter what) you will get something done. Even if you are a dullard, or an obsessive planner. Even a procrastinator.

Look – I didn’t say that the result would be “good” but, for better or worse, if you are the guy-in-charge, you will make some sort of progress, in relation to the rest of the World. Your progress may be to build a space shuttle, program a groovy new tech support assistant in Python, or.. deepen your entrenchment into the mud of your current circumstances.

But the point is – you decide, and you get the chance to act. Or not act. (Coining a new term – “n’act”, which is a lazy way of writing “not act”.)

Note: All this applies, as well, to “gals-in-charge”.

The Many (well, two) Forms of Success

Success can come in two forms:

  • As a result of being aligned with a guy/gal-in-charge the likes of which this World has not seen since whoever-it-was that invented Post-Its.
  • Or, fumbling along on your own path, making what you make of your own circumstances, and remaining proud of whatever achievements may arise.

Failure, of course, comes in a single form. You’ll know it when you feel it, as long as you whole-heartedly ignore what anybody else thinks it feels like.

So I guess that means “success”, having two possible sources, is twice as likely as “failure” for each of us. And perhaps even more likely, if you can learn to consistently reject Life’s single form of failure.

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