My Ice-Cream List

I’ve got an ice-cream list.

This means, there are certain companies out there that just “wow” me so much, in a very particular way, that I am compelled every once in a while to write to them:

I wish I could buy you an ice-cream cone.

I did this yesterday.

Right now, there are only three companies on this list:

One of the primary distinctions that a company on my ice-cream list must have is that it is an integral part of my day. It must make my day into more than it would be otherwise. Kind of like an ice-cream cone does.

Ice-cream Contenders

Of course, there are other companies which I love almost as dearly, but who are more just on my recommended list. Maybe I’d offer to buy them a drink or something, but not ice-cream.

Here are some of those, all noteworthy in their own way:

Beyond that, there are other companies I depend on. I wouldn’t say that there is anything particularly special about these companies – they just happen to be the ones who produce the product or service I enjoy.

Norton is an example. So is Gap.

This list is actually too long to bother trying to jot down. So I guess it’s a good thing I don’t owe them all ice-cream. 🙂

Note: All of the foregoing is based on a “feeling” about a company. I don’t really know whether any of these companies are “good” companies, or whether any of them enjoy ice-cream, pizza, or other accolades.

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