Review of “The Rope”

“The Rope” is a very excellent song written and recorded by my own Sharon Goldman.

Disclaimer: Sharon Goldman is my wife, who is a very excellent lyricist, with a voice that hits magic notes at least 85% of the time. The other 15% are also pretty good notes. Her songs and her being make me laugh and make me cry. If you haven’t heard her, well, there’s not much I can do to help you out there. 🙂

I’ve been told that this very excellent song can be downloaded or previewed on CD Baby. Likewise, one could stream it from iLike, which is the same tool we used to put a music player on her WordPress blog / website.

The song is surely worth a listen. And there’s a point at the crescendo that makes me weepy every time I hear it. But I’m more of a “word guy”, in my everyday life. And the part of a song that most sticks with me are the words. That’s why it is extraordinarily convenient to have married a very excellent lyricist.

So, let’s have it – some of my favorite excerpts. (By the way, I apologize for using the phrase “So,” so often at the beginning of paragraphs in this blog. A linguistic quirk of mine, I suppose. At least I’ve kicked one of my other habits, which was to use the word “just” much too frequently.)

I knew the minute I met you
That everything you said was true
We were five-years-old and fresh and clean
Two sandbox babies in Levi’s jeans

What does it mean for everything to be “true”? Turns out, it’s a term I also use myself a lot, and it has nothing to do with facts or opinions. I seem to remember it being a term I picked up while reading everything John Gardner has ever written. To me, “true” is beyond – way beyond – either fact or opinion, and is always strongly rooted in emotion.

It’s a very groovy thing, and more so groovy that the five-year-old character in the story recognized it for what it was. 🙂

You gave me the rope
So I could climb
To the top of the mountain
And finally find me

Now, some might call this phrase sappy. Not me. Or, if it is, perhaps that’s actually the point of Life? Isn’t the sort of emotion expressed in this phrase a good thing? Can you not relate to it? Man, all I know is that I want my life to be filled with people who hand me ropes that let me climb to the tops of my mountains!

I thought I wouldn’t survive but you were smart
You said you’d always be the one who’s there
Anytime life was unfair

Here’s another overloaded usage: “smart”. What does that mean? That’s typical of the lyrics this gal produces, I’d say. All the words got a lots goin’ on behind them. Smart.

Soon enough we were good and grown
How could we have ever known
That the future throws some crazy curves
You might not get what you deserve
So when it was time for me to fall
I finally hit that big black wall
And when my whole world was upside-down
You knew just how to pick me right off the ground

This is the part that always makes me weepy. I’m not going to try to say more than that.

So, there you go – my first review of a song on this blog. That was fun. 🙂

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