T-Mobile – Still My Number One

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like T-Mobile as a company. The reasons are various, and some are sort of.. vague.

Most importantly, T-Mobile was the first cell phone provider to sell a Google phone. Since then, I think every other provider has jumped on the bandwagon and now offers an Android OS device. My original G1 now looks like a dinosaur in comparison to devices such as the Droid and the myTouch Slide

T-Mobile was also the first (and I believe they are still the only) provider to support UMA, allowing you to make voice calls over WiFi, withOUT using Skype or any other VoIP software. The experience is seamless and beautiful. It’s the way life should be. I have previously ranted about it in a post about the (in my opinion) lagging iPhone. Disclaimer: I have never used an iPhone, and they do appear to be very pretty devices. 🙂

Beyond software and hardware, I’d say T-Mobile’s support is better than nearly any other company (cell phone or otherwise) I have dealt with in a very significant way. I will explain by an example. I once contacted support via their online chat (available via their website). This was a rare case where the tech was not able to immediately resolve my issue. Then came the magic words: “Can I call you right now?” Unbelievable. A support channel that intelligently switches to a more appropriate communication when it became clear that the initial contact was not working. And all done without throwing me into a phone tree for a hold time.

Within seconds, I was speaking (SPEAKING!!) with the person I had just been text-chatting with. And she helped me. Brilliant!

The only other places where I have experienced this sort of “boutique-level” and effective technical support are the quasi-start-ups – e.g., Dropbox, Evernote, Lastpass.

Beyond these concrete reasons of mine for keeping T-Mobile on my Pedestal of Great Technology Companies, there are some of the more vague reasons:

  • It always seems like T-Mobile’s plans offer something that the others don’t. This probably isn’t true, I suppose, but I guess it means they have great marketing?
  • They have cool staff at the stores, generally. I’ve often met people who really seem to care about their product.
  • Family plans!!!

Obviously, these “vaguer” reasons most likely apply to many companies. Nonetheless, they are, for me, associated with T-Mobile – the company which somehow managed to win me over and keep me hooked.

And, as a guy who lives neck-deep in technology, but also moves glacially slow before committing to a new tool, technology, or vendor, I’d say that not having to second-guess your service and hardware provider it a big ‘ole plus.

Disclaimer: My T-Mobile G1 recently died of a bulging battery, but I just don’t care. Looking forward to my new myTouch Slide.

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