Heaven On the Northeast Corridor Line

Some days, I feel like I live in Heaven. I know that’s arrogant to say. But I’m just describing my feeling, and that’s how I sometimes feel.

It’s a nice feeling.

I know I’ve had my share of complaints about the cell phone talkers during my train commute, and I’ve grumped about the occasional horn-honker who seems intent on running down pedestrians on Metuchen’s Main Street. There’s also been the ongoing war against snow, mild flooding, autumn leaves, and the army of squirrels who besieged my lawn this morning. And don’t get me started about the bird sh*t that is recently raining upon my Corolla each morning in our tree-lined driveway.

But aside from those minor quibbles, I’ve having a grand old time in my new neighborhood. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

I started writing this post a few months back, on a weekend when my wife was out of town, and had taken our one car with her. In many a suburb, that might be a problem for the husband stranded at home. We are fortunate enough to live in a town that has a marvelously interesting Main Street (yes, it’s actually called “Main Street”), and to live a mere five-minute walk from the town center. So on a weekend without a car available, I have access to every bit as much neat stuff to do as I did back when we lived in Brooklyn, all within walking distance. Or, if I want, a reasonable train ride back into Manhattan on my monthly commuter pass.

It’s like a new kind of urban. Or, as I said, like Heaven, at times.

That particular weekend when my wife was out-of-town, I believe I had spent most of my day around the house, perhaps doing some yard work. By late afternoon, I was getting a little bored at home and I walked into town.

Here are some of the fun things I did:

  • An hour on the wireless at our local coffee shop – Brewed Awakening
  • A walk over to one of our local pizza places – Antonio’s Brick Oven Pizza – to pick-up some take-out food.
  • A quick stop in across the street to pick-up a quart of my favorite soup – a delicious New England clam chowder from Dick’s Dock.
  • Then, a leisurely walk home on a quiet, tree-lined street, to enjoy a movie at home.

Other options I could have taken on that particular weekend evening:

  • Catch a movie at the Forum Theatre Arts Center.
  • Spend some time browsing the used books at The Raconteur.
  • Take the NJ Transit train to New Brunswick or Princeton (people seem to do that sometimes).
  • Stop by our local martini bar – Novita (which also happens to be a fantastic bistro and restaurant, with live sax/piano music every Friday night.
  • Stop by our local Irish bar – Hailey’s Harp & Pub, for a.. Guinness and burger!

So.. Heaven I say. I am arrogant, I guess – perhaps superficial. But I gotta tell ya’, I sure like my new neighborhood. 🙂

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