Getting Past Gadfly

One of my heroes, Ralph Nader, is clearly a gadfly.

Why would I aspire to be like him? Well, the truth is, I don’t: I aspire to think like him, and to act like him. But to be like him would leave me as the last boy standing at the kickball field after the teams are picked. Nobody seems to like the poor guy (even though he writes exquisite books about wonderful ways to improve our country). šŸ™‚

Sorry – I do admire the guy. Can we leave that part at the door for now?

My wife says I am a curmudgeon. I ask if she is looking forward to me once I reach Grandpa Simpson’s age. She rolls her eyes.

I am, at times, quite a gadfly. At other times, it seems like I can get along with anybody, like everybody just likes me. What’s the problem? How can I bridge the two roles I play?

I just did the following two Google searches:

curmudgeon passive aggressive


getting past gadfly

I think I found some business seminar about pounding obstacle-people into the carpet. I got put-off by the glossy look of the website and went elsewhere before really grokking what they wanted me to be.

Can you tell I’m torn? Yeah – we should all be so torn!

A guy I know once told a story about a conversation he had with his girlfriend. (recalling from my fading memory) He kept writing songs about the “Indians”. She said, “Who cares about the Indians?” He said an emphatic, “I do!”

Indeed. Who does care about what anyone who is passionate about a fringe topic cares about? [gadfly]

I do!

I should be working now, at my cubiclish desk. But the ambient sound of my office is irking me, just when I got my head wrapped around a problem that has been bugging me all day. Irksome. This is why (part of why..) my wife and I are gravitating away from the City (the Distract-a-torium). Because, in its worser moments, it pulls us apart a bit. Not sure if we both see it that way, but that’s how I wrote it, and I wrote it first, so amen.

There are clearly many strategies for getting past gadfly. That’s why we have books like, Getting Past No. And whole libraries of books which expound upon the extraordinarily gadfly-ish topic of etiquette. And that’s why we have seminars which couch desire in strategic goal-seeking. But my own brand of gadfly does not yet seem to have the sort of acceptance foundation in sociality which can make it seem soft enough to be, perhaps, palatable.

But then again, I understand there was also a time when cocaine was considered to be good for you, and smoking cigarettes was, well, sort of considered to be good for you too.

Now, where is my ice-cream?!? Some days, it seems like there’s only two people in this World who can do anything right.


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