On Fact vs. Opinion

All we can ever really do is to express our opinion, what we like or don’t like. Some of us have opinions which are based in large swathes of experiences, but we should still be careful not to confuse those opinions with facts.

In today’s complex World, I’d say the number of things about which we can state facts is uncountable, and at the same time, those hard-edged facts are nearly all uninteresting and irrelevant, being so narrowly focused in scope. Anything large enough in scope to be relevant is, in my opinion, actually a complex conglomerate of facts, organized into a (hopefully coherent) opinion.

I’m just sayin’, dude..

5 Replies to “On Fact vs. Opinion”

  1. I noticed the link to your site broke when the comment was posted. Just fixed it up. It's a good article you wrote – I'd like to make sure people can get to it easily!

  2. Thanks. The link is broken–not a fact, a tautology. I wrote a broken link, but you fixed it–facts!

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