Short Thoughts of the Week

  • Negative reinforcement doesn't change the way people think – it only changes the way they think about the way *you* think. #
  • Why does think everything I do is "unusual"? #
  • RT: @Sendible: How to post to all your social networks at once using just email – [I am loving all the new features!] #
  • Just realized the road back from World of Curmudgeon is paved with nothing more than etiquette. Etiquette is socially acceptable curmudge. #
  • Kindle for PC randomly sometimes opens my books properly. Other times just bombs-out. Wish it would just do one or the other all the time. #
  • Dear Google Chrome – No, I would not like to stop the "following unknown unresponsive plug-in". And, I know you know what its name is. #
  • Would love to use Google Wave, but can't find a public wave that is not a mish-mosh. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! #
  • Need feedback for an essay – "A Public Etiquette for a Busy Social World". First question – how do you feel about cell phone use on trains? #
  • A favorite tool of mine: WiseStamp – Email Signature 1.3.5 :: Add-ons for Firefox #
  • "public etiquette" is.. placing positive demands on the strangers around you. #
  • Writing an essay is like writing a software application, except that nobody really know or cares if you deploy it with unfixed bugs. #
  • Just published rough draft of a new essay: "A Public Etiquette for a Busy Social World" #
  • Stop Google Buzz From Showing the World Your #privacy #googlebuzz [Turns out I *was* showing too much.] #
  • Mashable's updates by email have *great* content, but navigating to the full articles is getting very cumbersome. #
  • Michael Linenberger's "Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook" – best thing I ever did to improve my Outlook usage. #
  • One of my favorites – WiseStamp – Email Signature 1.3.5 :: Add-ons for Firefox #
  • Google gets flack for luge graphic today. Meanwhile, New York Times puts a
    photo of the man dying on the front page? #
  • I wish I could find a way to get Twitter replies sent to my email. Reliably. #
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