Phone Blog

Blogs are:

  • Self-interested
  • Too much information,  useless, and poorly thought-out
  • And they get distributed to people who don’t care.

They are like Twitter, all of the tweets and commentary, all stuck together. All of them. Are like that. It stinks.

Except this one. My blog.


So I met my first phone blog today, and it made me think about whether I am being a big ole navel-gazer. About whether I am spending too much time telling too many people about too many things that are just, very simply, most emphatically, just my opinion. And using too many words to do it.

Nonsense – what I say is important.

As I was saying.. my first phone blog: In my recent quest to rid all trains everywhere of cell phone talkers. Scratch that – I mean, my recent quest to explore the feelings and motivations of people on both sides of the cell phone talking in public sucks debate. Scratch that – I mean, I’ve been writing an essay (it’s called “A Public Etiquette for a Busy Social World”) and I’ve been trying to make it fair-minded and relevant. I want all points of view. And I want to explore my own feelings on the topic, since it’s a topic I am going to be living with, probably, until I pass into the great rail yard in the sky many years from now.

Nonsense – what I say is important.

As I was saying – phone blog.

It’s a Friday night, so I should cut him some slack. The guy. On the cell phone. For an hour. He’s complaining to his friend. About a girl he saw at the Park Avenue South restaurant. Who was on her cell phone. The whole time. It’s like this sci-fi movie. Where there was a stadium. And people in the stadium. But they weren’t watching the real game. It was like that. Like she was not watching the people around her. For the whole time. All the people. In the stadium there were big screens. And you watch the game on the screens. Not on the real game that was. She didn’t get off. In the whole time. So that’s how he spent the first ten minutes of his “Phone Blog”, blogging to his friend.

I guess he was bored.

So that’s interesting and new. Phone blog.

I hope I never get that way when I blog. That would suck.

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