Hat’s Off, No Coffee

Today, I introduce two new features of this blog. Two community-oriented features. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

My Hat’s Off

The first is called My Hat’s Off – as in, my hat is off to.. someone or something I support. I explain more here. You can see the feature as a dedicated widget near the top of the blog, where someone or something will be featured – my support where support is due. I had this idea after having recently seen some great folk music at Coffee With Conscience. Hope you enjoy.

Month Without a Coffee Cup

Then.. I realized today that:

  • I am spending approximately $3 per day on coffee, much of which I don’t particularly enjoy. Depending on how many days I do it, this works out to at least $50 per month.
  • My coffee is making me fidget a lot. Which often makes me antsy.

So why not go without? Thing is, I do LOVE my morning coffee routine. My goal here is to go without, indefinitely (except occasionally, of course). After all, I spent the first 20 years of my life without coffee (and then 20 years with that foul beverage). Perhaps I could spend the next next 20 years without again?

Here’s the kicker (and, possibly, the motivation). I am going to round-off my coffee savings to $50 per month. Hence the name of the feature – Month Without a Coffee Cup. That $50 will be donated instead to a charity, person, or cause I support. In some cases, that will be a well-recognized charitable organization. In others, it may be a folk musician I know personally, or an open-source software project, for example.

Of course, this is all assuming that I can give-up coffee. Which is a big “if” – perhaps the biggest “if” I have had this decade. Perhaps some of you may think my coffee hurdle is silly? We will see.

First month’s donation went to Doctors Without Borders – the Haiti Emergency Relief fund. With matching funds from my employer, this seemed especially like a good first pick.

Note: Today, I automatically walked to my usual coffee spot. When I got the counter I stumbled for a minute and then remembered to only order a bagel. This is gonna be hard.

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