When Easy Makes It Hard

The WordPress admin is unbelievably easy to use, I’d say – and powerful. I am very impressed.

But when it came time for me to find a simple MP3 player for my wife’s music website, it was surprisingly difficult. You can search directly from the admin console, but the number of hits is huge. And recommendations from friends (only some of whom use WordPress for their own online publishing), did not help much to narrow the choices. It is true that we had a few strict requirements on the player we use:

  • Must be easy to install and maintain
  • Must allow for multiple songs to be displayed and selected
  • Must be installable in the sidebar

After a good amount of research, I think we may have met most of the requirements with the XSPF audio player by Boriel.

I will keep you “posted”.

Of course, any tips are appreciated!

Update (August 27, 2010): We ended up finding just what we were looking for in the “iLike” media player widget.

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