Oops and Abouts

If you look closely, on this day, you will see that I have two “About ” links in my sidebar.

What’s this about? Well, I am getting to know my new “learning” blog, and some of the basic concepts of the WordPress admin dashboard and the template system are still a little confusing for me. Some of the same quirks happened while I was working on my wife’s new website.

So I guess that my default blog with my new free WordPress.com account came with an “About ” page built-in,  somehow. Maybe that’s why when I started creating a new “About” page, I got a permalink that was “/about-2”. So I changed the permalink and published my new page, but now have to figure out where that second link is coming from in my sidebar. Does not seem to be a widget, which is sort of confusing to me – I would have naturally looked for a “links” or “navigation” widget to edit.

So, off to troubleshoot – welcome to my sandbox, where things are going to happen quickly, and often without much care. BAM.

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