The Seven ssert’s of a Balanced Day

Some of us have.. err.. “habits”. Sometimes our habits need “justification”.

The next time someone “complains” about your “sweet tooth”, just remind them that a balanced day has a full seven ssert’s and you’ve barely had four of your allotment (say it, even if it is a lie).

For easy reference:

  • Break-ssert:  Dessert for breakfast
  • Mid-ssert:  Dessert in the middle of your day
  • Pre-ssert:  Dessert before dinner
  • Inter-ssert:  Dessert during dinner
  • Dessert:  The old-time favorite
  • Post-ssert:  Dessert after dessert
  • And.. Bed-ssert:  Dessert before bed


Disclaimer: Eating ssert’s can be bad for you. Consult experts and people you trust, before eating too many of them.

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