Our Wedding – my vows and talk

Background and history

When we first met, I remember being amazed that you were a singer-songwriter. And your songs were actually really good! I had never met someone like that before. You had a website and a CD, and I was really impressed. I was even more impressed that for you, it just seemed completely natural – you were just doing what you loved to do.

Then it turned out that you knew all about bird-walking, and you liked to do things like walk barefoot in the streets of Brooklyn, and you didn’t mind when the fiddler crab from my aquarium ran up your finger. You had all sorts of interesting interests, and quirky quirks. And again, they just seemed natural to you. You seemed to think it was funny that I was impressed that you let a fiddler crab walk up your finger.

And then there was the day that I told my good friend Jill that I thought you were probably even goofier than I am – among my closest friends, that is a high compliment.

So you were a lot of fun, and you liked me, and we were fun together.

But more important than that, you were a good partner. You accepted me, my ideas, my quirks. You were always kind. And even when we had difficult times, you very quickly showed me again how much you care about me.

So we moved on with our lives. We ate, we slept, we saw friends and family together, we each have our separate hobbies, we take walks in Prospect Park. And we will do that until we are old and grey

And that is a good thing, in my book.


  • I promise that I will never judge you for bringing such an annoying cat into my life.
  • I promise that we will get better every day, and that 30 years from now, we will look back on our life and smile together.
  • I promise to always keep the shades down at night, and to stop snoring when you say “Shannon, could you roll over?”.
  • I promise to take care of myself, so that we can take care of each other together.
  • I promise to always remember your birthday, and our anniversary.
  • I promise to be yours, and to take you as mine.

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